Turkey in denial

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Source: Washington Times

Turkey's calls for Gaz de France's withdrawal from the Nabucco project ("Denying massacre hurts ties to West," World, Monday) are economically and politically insignificant for France.

Politically, the leading Socialist Party presidential candidate, Segolene Royal, recently stated that Turkey cannot join the European Union without recognition of Armenian genocide. The chairman of the Socialist Party, Francois Hollande, argued that even a French referendum on Turkish EU accession would be pointless without Armenian genocide recognition. 

Economically, trade between France and Turkey has increased consistently since France's adoption of the genocide resolution in 2001 — by a margin of 131 percent between 2001 and 2006, to be specific. 

At this moment, the French company Alstom is cooperating with Japanese and Turkish partners on a $323 million Turkish railway deal. 

Europe figured out long ago that Turkish threats are exaggerated. The European Parliament report on Turkey's accession to the European Union has consistently made mention of the Armenian genocide. Turkey's response: a few weeks of angry statements, and the relationship moves on as usual. 

A democracy must not capitulate to genocide deniers and must carry out its human rights duty by adopting the Armenian genocide resolution. 

Armenian Youth Federation
Valence, France 

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